Welcome to some of the things I’m working on, to some of the things I’m interested in and to my adventure as I try to re-invent who I am and what I do.  Welcome to me.

This website is, like me, and like all of us, a work in progress.

There are numerous projects that I’m working on and, as they get to a point where I can put them online, I’ll update and add to these pages.  This will include some pictures and videos and will also include links to some of the commercial endeavours I’m hoping to get started.

I have a two year plan.  We should all have a plan.  It’s actually the first time I’ve written down what I want to accomplish and I already feel better about my future and where I’m going to take it.

Let the journey begin.


Snippets Of My Life

We grow as individuals through the experiences we have and by exposing ourselves to people, places and cultures that are different from ours.